Hawthorne Dental Practice For Sale with Building!

Dental Practice Sale Hawthorne   LISTING #21 – 227 HAWTHORNE     STREETSIDE STANDALONE! ASSOCIATE RUN! GREAT NET & LOTS OF UPSIDE! Practice: $649,000  Building: $1,000,000     City: Hawthorne Practice Type: Practice Size: 1,196 sq. ft. Equipment: 4 ops, 4 chairs, x-ray Collections: Collected $797,826 in 2021! Seller bought building, renovated and opened scratch practice. Staff will stay. Next to...

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3op Palm Desert Retail Dental Practice for Sale!

  LISTING #22 – 346 PALM DESERT  SELLER CANNOT WORK DUE TO ILLNESS GOT OFF TO A FANTASTIC START! ALL MARKETING READY TO GO! leaseholds       City: Palm Desert Practice Type: Startup  Size: 2,000 +/- sq ft Equipment: 3 ops, 2 chairs, 1 digital x-ray, digital pano  Collections: Startup  Seller opened scratch practice and after 5 months became...

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$1.1M Chula Vista Retail Dental Practice for Sale

  LISTING #22 – 446 CHULA VISTA   INCREDIBLE RETAIL LOCATION! MASSIVE FOOT TRAFFIC! NO MARKETING & CONSTANT NEW PATIENTS!        City: Chula Vista Practice Type: General  Size: 1,500 sq ft Equipment: 5 + 1 ops, 5 chairs, 3 digital x-rays, CT  Collections: Collected $1,099,443 in 2021! Seller has built excellent, high net business! 8 doctor days per...

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Dental Offices for Sale #216 BURBANK DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE 5 ops, 3 chairs, digital x-rays! Retiring seller! PPO/FFS/DentiCal! 1 DAY GP ASSOCIATE + 1 DAY HYGIENE! RENT ONLY $2,500! #231 BEVERLY HILLS DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE 4 chairs, digital x-rays, 2 hygiene days per week! 90% PPO! Collected $435,000+ 2021 ! NEW LEASE WITH $30,000 OF TI!...

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Pico Rivera – 11 ops Dental Practice Sale Retail Location!

LISTING #21 – 243 PICO RIVERA  100% ASSOCIATE RUN! HYGIENE! SPECIALTY! MAJOR ANCHOR RETAIL CENTER! LARGE FORMAT WITH ROOM TO GROW!      City: Pico Rivera Practice Type: General  Size: 2,800 sq ft Equipment: 11 ops, 9 chairs, 2 digital x-rays, digital pan  Collections: Collected $1,351,820 as of 11/30 100% Associate run, 5 day per week practice! Lots of walk-in...

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Downey 4 Ops Streetside Dental Practice Sale

  LISTING #21 – 244 DOWNEY   STREETSIDE LOCATION! LOW RENT AND GREAT NET! LOTS OF CASH AND STEADY NEW PATIENTS!      City: Downey Practice Type: General  Size: 1,400 +/- sq ft Equipment: 4 ops, 4 chairs, 3 digital x-rays (1 sensor), digital pan  Collections: Collected $437,280 as of 11/30 Seller stretched between 3 practices and downsizing.  Easy, low...

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San Diego $700K+ PPO High Net!

  LISTING #21 – 438 SAN DIEGO   PACKED RETAIL LOCATION! 60% NET! $20K EXPENSES & $60K REVENUE AVERAGE! 4 HYGIENE DAYS PER WEEK!      City: San Diego Practice Type: General  Size: 1,200 sq ft Equipment: 4 ops, 4 chairs, 1 digital x-rays  Collections: Collected $684,944 as of 11/30 Seller retiring from dentistry. Will transition. Has built beautiful, high-net...

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Bell/Huntington Park 5 + 1 ops retail!

  LISTING #21 – 294 BELL/HUNTINGTON PARK   MAJOR HISPANIC RETAIL CENTER!  100% ASSOCIATE RUN & SPECIALTY!  PROFITABLE! BEAUTIFUL PRACTICE!        City: Bell/Huntington Park Practice Type: Practice  Size: 1,500+/- sq ft Equipment: 5 + 1 ops, 5 chairs, 1 x-rays, digital pan ceph  Collections: Collected $1,017,896 as of 11/30/2021 100% Associate run. 50% net for working owner. Walk-in patients...

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