4 + 3 op Brea Streetside Dental Practice for Sale

  #22 – 518 Brea Dental Practice For Sale STREETSIDE LOCATION! NEW FLOORS AND PAINT! NICE CAP CHECK! SPACE IS FANTASTIC! 4 GP OPS PLUS 3 OPEN BAY! City: Brea Practice Type: General Size: 1,800 +/- sqft Equipment: 4 + 3 ops, 4 chairs, 2 digital x-rays Collections: Collected $270,000+ in 2021! Seller retiring after 20...

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4 op Valencia Retail Dental Practice Listing

LISTING #22 – 238 VALENCIA  LONG ESTABLISHED PRACTICE! 100% ASSOCIATE RUN! SPECIALTY! HYGIENE! MOSTLY PPO!  City: Valencia Practice Type: General Size: 1,300 +/- sq ft Equipment: 4 chairs, 2 digital x-rays Collections: Collected $224,206 as of 4/30! Seller has not worked at practice for many years and going to focus on Los Angeles area practices. Built out...

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$2.0M FFS Los Angeles Standalone Dental Practice Sale

LISTING #22 – 292 LOS ANGELES MID-CITY    STREETSIDE STAND-ALONE LOCATION! MOSTLY FFS!  ASSOCIATES & SPECIALTY! OPTION TO BUY BUILDING! ON TRACK FOR $2,000,000+ 2022! SELLER NEEDS TO SELL ASAP! Practice offered at $1,399,000   Building offered at $1,839,000         City: Los Angeles Mid-City Practice Type: Practice and building Size: 2,808+/- sq. ft. Equipment: 4+ 4 ops, 4...

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6 op Rancho Cucamonga Retail Dental Office For Sale

LISTING #22 – 350 RANCHO CUCAMONGA  BUSY RETAIL LOCATION! RETIRING SELLERS! MOSTLY PPO! HIGH NET! 50%+!   City: Rancho Cucamonga Practice Type: General Size: 1,850 +/- Equipment: 6 ops, 5 chairs, 2 digital x-rays Collections: Collected $305,932 as of 4/30! Husband and Wife Seller’s retiring after 20+ years! Successful PPO practice is predominately restorative and refers out...

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6 op San Juan Capistrano Dental Clinic Sale

  LISTING #22 – 580 SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO    GREAT DEMOGRAPHICS! SELLER RETIRING! $4,500+ CAP CHECK! FANTASTIC NUMBERS FOR 12 HOURS PER WEEK! INSTANT FULL-TIME $1M+ PRACTICE!  City: San Juan Capistrano Practice Type: General Size: 1,500 sg ft Equipment: 6 chairs, digital x-rays Collections: Collected $460,000+ in 2021! Seller retiring after 22+ years! Lots of referrals and walk-ins....

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Ortho! 5 Chairs! FFS! San Gabriel / Pasadena / Arcadia Specialty Office For Sale

  LISTING #22 – 206 SAN GABRIEL/PASADENA/ARCADIA  SELLER INJURED!  WILL TRANSITION LONG TERM! 90% CASH / 10% PPO LOTS OF STARTS WAITING!      City: San Gabriel / Pasadena / Arcadia Practice Type: Ortho Size: 1,680+/- sq. ft. Equipment: 5 chairs, Digital Ceph, Scanner Collections: $320,000+ 2021 and $85,000+ as of 3/30  Seller having surgery and will not...

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5+ op San Bernardino Highland Retail Dental Practice Sale!

  LISTING #22 – 358 SAN BERNARDINO HIGHLAND  MASSIVE SIGNAGE & HUGE PARKING LOT! PERFECT LARGE VOLUME DENTICAL PRACTICE! HEAD START ACROSS STREET! WALK-INS EVERY DAY! leaseholds       City: San Bernardino Highland Practice Type: Leaseholds Size: 2,400 +/- sq. ft. Equipment: 5+ ops, 5 chairs, 3 digital x-rays, pano Collections: Startup  Seller has to downsize due to staffing...

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Millbrae 3 op Streetside Dental Practice Sale

  LISTING #22 – 612 MILLBRAE   STREETSIDE LOCATION! ASSOCIATE! 50+ NEW PATIENTS PER MONTH! GREAT FEES FROM HPSM!! LOW OVERHEAD AND GREAT NET! GREAT VALUE PRACTICE ! HIGH END EQUIPMENT!       City: Millbrae Practice Type: Practice Size: 1,386 sq. ft. Equipment: 3 ops, 2 chairs, 1 digital x-ray, CT Collections: Collected $560,918+ in 2021! Seller...

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8 op Covina Standalone Dental Practice Sale!

LISTING #22 – 262 COVINA    STREETSIDE LOCATION WITH HUGE SIGNAGE! LARGE PARKING LOT! ACROSS FROM MASSIVE RETAIL CENTER! MAJOR STREET!        City: Covina Practice Type: Leasehold  Size: 2,000 sq. ft. Equipment: 8 ops, 4 chairs, 1 digital x-rays, pano  Collections: Startup Seller has very large practice in Irvine and has been transitioning out of this practice. Owns building...

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Practices With Real Estate

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 STREETSIDE STANDALONE BUILDING! # 378 YUCAIPA – 3 chairs, 2 x-rays, pano. PRICE TO SELL ASAP! Collecting $12,000 – $15,000 per month! Building is 1,452 sq ft. 50%+ NET! #226 COVINA –  6 chairs, streetside location with parking. Collecting $130,000K+ per month and growing!  Mostly DentiCal. 2,400+ sq ft building. Streetside with signage! PERFECT FOR 2 FULL-TIME...

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Yucaipa Stand Alone Building Dental Office for Sale

LISTING #22 – 378 YUCAIPA     STREETSIDE STANDALONE BUILDING! PART-TIME OFFICE WITH GREAT PATIENT BASE!      City: Yucaipa Practice Type: Practice and Building  Size: 1,452+/- sq. ft. Equipment: 3 ops, 3 chairs, 2 x-rays, Pano Collections: Collected $144,765 in 2021! Seller retiring and leaving behind nice, well-kept practice. Spacious layout with plenty of room to keep growing! Practice offered...

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5 op Anaheim Retail Dental Practice Sale – Retiring Dentist!

LISTING #22 – 539 ANAHEIM     CORNER STRIP CENTER WITH NATIONAL TENANTS! LOW RENT & GREAT FOOT TRAFFIC! RETIRING SELLER! MOTIVATED TO SELL!         City: Anaheim Practice Type: Practice Size: 1,200+/- sq. ft. Equipment: 5 ops, 3 chairs, 2 digital x-rays Collections: Collected $291,358 in 2021! Seller built out 20 years ago and retiring. Has several...

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