Why Eating Snot Might Be Good For You

You might think picking your nose is gross, but a study from Washington explains why it’s actually good for you. The researchers say parents should not actively discourage kids from picking their noses because they claim eating the snot might be good for teeth and overall health. They claim the snot is full of good bacteria...

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Dentist accused of pulling tooth while on hoverboard

Would you like your dentist to pull your teeth out on a hoverboard? Especially while you lay unconscious dreaming about what to eat and waking up knowing nothing that happened. Meet Seth Lookhart, the dentist who thought this would be the “new standard of care” of extracting a sedated patient’s tooth. ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Prosecutors...

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Going to The Caveman Dentist Was Probably a Nightmare

Can you imagine? Going to the dentist wayyyy back when cavemen existed…. Dentist tools were probably made out of animal bones, twigs, hairs, etc. When toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, health insurance, and sedation were nowhere to be found. We can definitely thank our ancestors for being creative and testing out new ideas so that we today,...

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