Burbank Retail Dental Practice For Sale

  LISTING #21 – 261 BURBANK   FANTASTIC STREETSIDE LOCATION! MASSIVE SIGNAGE ON MAJOR STREET! LOW RENT AND GREAT PARKING! NEW PAINT! NEW CABINETS! NEW FLOORING! leaseholds       City: Burbank Practice Type: Leasehold Equipment: 3 chairs, 2 x-rays (1 Dexis sensor), pano Collections: startup Sellers going to focus on primary practice in Mission Hills. Has been successful satellite...

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Millbrae 3 op Streetside Dental Practice Sale

  LISTING #22 – 612 MILLBRAE   STREETSIDE LOCATION! ASSOCIATE! 50+ NEW PATIENTS PER MONTH! GREAT FEES FROM HPSM!! LOW OVERHEAD AND GREAT NET! GREAT VALUE PRACTICE ! HIGH END EQUIPMENT!       City: Millbrae Practice Type: Practice Size: 1,386 sq. ft. Equipment: 3 ops, 2 chairs, 1 digital x-ray, CT Collections: Collected $560,918+ in 2021! Seller...

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4 op Moreno Valley Retail

LISTING #22 – 392 MORENO VALLEY     STREETSIDE LOCATION IN LARGE SHOPPING CENTER! SELLER HAS TRIPLED COLLECTIONS IN 8 MONTHS! MOSTLY PPO/CASH!        City: Moreno Valley Practice Type: Practice  Size: 1,200+/- sq. ft. Equipment: 4 ops, 3 chairs, 3 digital x-rays (1 sensor), CT optional  Collections: Collected $242,432 in 8 months! Seller brought 4/21 and cannot handle commute from...

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$1.6M FFS Dental Practice for Sale in Los Angeles with Building!

  LISTING #22 – 292 LOS ANGELES MID-CITY     STREETSIDE STAND-ALONE LOCATION! MOSTLY FFS!  ASSOCIATES & SPECIALTY! BUY BUILDING!   Practice offered at $1,399,000 Building offered at $1,939,000      City: Los Angeles Mid-City Practice Type: Practice and building Size: 2,808+/- sq. ft. Equipment: 4+ 4 ops, 4 chairs, 2 digital x-rays Collections: Collected $1,620,096 in 2021 Seller buying...

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