Everybody Wins

Practice Auctions are an ideal way to help actualize your vision and materialize your financial and personal goals, whether through buying or selling. First Choice Practice Sales’ unique auction methods stimulate markets and achieve immediate positive financial objectives. First Choice and its expert partners have facilitated auctions totaling millions in aggregated sales annually.

We combine powerful factors that work for you!

  • Speed and Economy – Assets are marketed and sold within weeks, reducing carrying costs and overhead
  • Results – True market value is determined in an open, competitive forum
  • Urgency – Assets are sold on a specified day and time, creating added motivation
  • Intense Exposure – An auction is proactive. A full-scale marketing effort brings together qualified bidders who compete against each other, fueled with the immediacy of the situation
  • Retail Buyers – Discounts on assets are available as new or used through the wholesale market. Retail buyers provide higher returns for clients over traditional liquidator or dealer networks

Seller Benefits:

  • Save Time – Sellers determines when property will sell as auctions bring interested buyers to a point of decision
  • Save Money – Eliminates high carrying costs associated with selling your practice. Also, competition between buyers boosts the purchase price
  • Added Exposure – Auctions draw attention and expose property to a large number of qualified prospects
  • No Negotiations – Sellers are removed from the negotiation process

Buyer Benefits:

  • Purchase with Confidence – Purchase property at true market value
  • Save time – Eliminate long negotiation periods as buyers know sellers are motivated to sell
  • Added Security – Buyers set their own purchase price

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